China ramps up global forecasting capabilities

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The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has recently put its new global objective weather forecast system into operation. It stated that this can provide real-time global 10km grid-point weather predictions at three-hour intervals 10 days out, as well refined weather forecast for 11,621 cities across the globe.

The forecasts will be based on GRAPES (Global/Regional Assimilation Prediction System) and ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast ) models as well as global exchange site real-scene data, with CMA saying it has adopted the latest international multi-model and multi-approach methods. Furthermore, the system also incorporates independently developed OMOS forecasting approaches.

The administration noted that after an operational review, the forecast system has achieved satisfactory prediction performance. The assessment has shown that the model error of the product has dramatically diminished.

One of the key roles of the new system will be the provision of local forecasting along China’s Belt and Road project, with the public able to view weather data via both the project’s web portal and that of the CMA. The service initially went live in January this year and in the subsequent months, the administration has expanded its scope to a global level.

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