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Beijing SANTEL Technology & Trading Corp
Founded in 1993, Beijing SANTEL Technology & Trading Corp.,uses its expertise in technology to provide global clients end-to-end innovative solutions in a wide array of industries, including meteorology and hydrology, broadcasting and communication, information security and intelligent transportation.
No.79A Fuxing Road ,Haidian District,Beijing 100039,China
Kestrel Instruments
Kestrel Instruments
Kestrel Instruments has been researching, developing and manufacturing technically advanced portable weather instruments for over 20 years that are used and trusted around the globe.
21 Creek Circle
PA 19061
LCJ Capteurs
LCJ Capteurs
LCJ Capteurs has been designing and manufacturing ultrasonic wind vane - anemometers since 1999. As the forerunner of the ultrasonic wind sensor in the marine sector, this French company proposes products at a very good value for money and energy self-sufficient thanks to its wireless version.
Export Sales
LCJ Capteurs
ZA Le Chêne Ferré
29 Allée des Cinq Continents
44120 VERTOU
EKO Instruments Europe B.V.
EKO Instruments is the industry leader for solar sensors, solar monitoring solutions, and scientific instruments for meteorological and environmental research. Made in Japan, and with a 90-year plus reputation for reliability & precision, EKO designed and built instruments are today deployed around the world, supporting environmental research and renewable energy projects through continuous innovation, industry-leading solutions, and an uncompromising commitment to quality.
Everise Technology Ltd
Everise Technology Ltd
Everise offers several wind lidar systems uniquely designed for wind resource assessment, aviation wind shear alert, air quality management, weather and climate observations. In addition, Everise produces state-of-the-art remote sensing lidars such as laser aerosol lidars, raman aerosol lidars, ozone lidars, temperature lidars and laser ceilometers for atmospheric observation. Everise also provides traditional AQMS and four-in-one AQ monitors, both of which are EPA-method compliant. Black carbon monitors, OC/EC analyzers and nephelometers can also be sourced from Everise. Integrated with measurement data from various equipment, Everise designs powerful customer-tailored software platforms for different applications.
3rd Floor, 17th Block, Ufida Software Park, , No.68 Beiqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100094, China
Forest Technology Systems Limited
FTS has been serving the remote monitoring community for 40 years with reliable and innovative solutions for extreme environments.  What began with wildfire preparedness, providing remote automated weather stations and data to help countries calculate their national fire danger rating codes. 
Forest Technology Systems Limited
1065 Henry Eng Place,
British Columbia,
V9B 6B2
Raymetrics is a worldwide pioneer and one of the most experienced LIDAR manufacturers, with over 17 years in the business. The company is developing innovative products focusing on environmental monitoring, addressing key atmospheric issues
Spartis 32 & Filikis Eterias, Metamorfosis, Athens, Greece
Palindrome Remote Sensing GmbH
Palindrome Remote Sensing is the inventor of the world's first dual-polarization radar target generator - an instrument specifically developed for the needs of the weather radar community.
Bahnhofstrasse 9
7302 Landquart
Earth Networks
Earth Networks
Earth Networks, part of the AEM family of innovators, is a leading meteorological technology solutions provider offering advanced systems that observe, inform, and alert the public, businesses, and government agencies to impending weather hazards. The company is committed to enabling the best weather and lightning observation networks, visualization tools and early warning alerting technologies to the world. We also help industry partners to deliver weather-based solutions and insights to organizations of all sizes.
12410 Milestone Center Drive,
Suite 300,
MD 20876
AIRMAR Technology Corporation
AIRMAR® Technology Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance ultrasonic sensor technology for the marine, industrial and commercial markets.
35 Meadowbrook Drive
Milford, NH 03055, USA
ZX Lidars
ZX Lidars
Want to measure the wind? ZX Lidars is the original wind Lidar developer, supporting the meteorological and wind energy industries with market-leading vertical and horizontal wind profilers. With over 7,000 Lidar deployments and 25 million operating hours we operate across more than 50 countries globally. If you want to measure wind speed remotely ZX Lidars helps you do it safer, higher, cheaper and better than traditional met masts.
The Old Barns,
Fairoaks Farm,
Météorage is the European leader in lightning risk mitigation.
Technopole Hélioparc - CS 8011
64053 PAU cedex 9 – France
Born under the sun of the Indian Ocean, Reuniwatt is a leading actor in cloud and radiation information for renewable energies and atmospheric sciences. Building on constant investments in R&D, Reuniwatt has succeeded in merging atmospheric knowledge and data sciences.
14 rue de la Guadeloupe,
97490 Sainte-Clotilde,
Reunion Island,
E+E Elektronik
E+E Elektronik
E+E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H.
Langwiesen 7
4209 Engerwitzdorf
GAMIC was established as a company for meteorological signal processing systems. Besides our proven signal processor ENIGMA, GAMIC provides complete X-band Doppler weather radar systems with single or dual polarization, either magnetron or solid-state transmitters. The multifunctional GMWR weather radars are compact and cost-efficient solutions for hydrology, aviation, population and asset protection, agriculture, research, gap-filling, and early warning systems.
Roermonder Str. 151
52072 Aachen,