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2 Et 4 Avenue De L'Europe, Velizy, 78140, 78140, France
Remtech manufactures the Doppler sodar and the RASS. Its sodars remotely measure a vertical profile of wind speed, direction, thermal stratification and turbulence parameters (sigma W, sigma Theta) up to 400, 700 and 3,000m average altitude range depending on the sodar model. They are ideally suited for wind energy site assessment, airport safety (wind shear detection), for air pollution control and forecast, and site surveys (power plants). Military organizations use sodar in programs for weapons development, parachuting, landing on aircraft carriers as well as general flight testing. Remtech's RASS remotely measures temperature profiles in the atmosphere.
380 New York Street, Redlands, 92373 810, CA, USA
Esri, a global market leader in geographic information systems (GIS), offers the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available. For over 40 years the company has supported scientific research and analysis.
Geolux d.o.o
Ljudevita Gaja 62, Samobor, HR10430, Croatia
Geolux is a manufacturer of contactless instruments for measurement of water level, surface velocity, discharge and water temperature. The instruments are designed to be installed up to 30m above the water surface, which enables quick installation with minimal maintenance required. The Geolux line of products is completed with a datalogger unit with integrated battery charger, cloud-based software and a camera for remote visual inspection. These products are all available separately, or together in a highly integrated, compact hydrological station with a solar panel and battery included.
Gematronik Weather Radar Systems, Raiffeisenstrasse 10, Neuss, 41470, Germany
Leonardo Germany GmbH occupies a world-leading position in the design, manufacture, sales and service of weather radar systems, sensors and system solutions for meteorology, hydrology and aviation. With its Meteor product line, featuring state-of-the-art S-band, C-band and X-band weather radar technology, Leonardo Germany GmbH spearheads the weather radar industry, serving a wide base of international customers including aviation authorities, national weather services, military services, hydrological institutions and research agencies. The company focuses on providing customized system and turnkey solutions that reflect deep levels of care for the individual customer.
Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. 43, Munich, 81369, Germany, Germany
In 1988, Nowcast invented the LINET high-precision lightning detection network. Today, Nowcast is operating LINET globally, providing homogeneous data to national weather services, flight control, airports, the energy sector, insurers and all kinds of meteorological companies. Providing unparalleled precision, LINET determines strike impact points accurately to within 75m while detecting weak strokes from 2kA upwards. With its patented 3D locating algorithm, allowing for the determination of the altitude of cloud strokes, LINET identifies severity, characteristics and evolution of thunderstorms. With ‘rTNT’, the entire lightning activity is tracked and nowcasted in real time, providing for the fastest-possible thunderstorm warning.
Unit 8, Harbour Road Trading Est, Portishead, BS20 7BL, Bristol, UK
Biral Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality, high-specification meteorological sensors, in use globally in environmental, research and industrial applications. Biral's VPF and SWS visibility and present weather sensors provide outstanding levels of accuracy and performance.
EWR Radar Systems
336 Leffingwell Avenue, Saint Louis, 63122, Missouri, USA
EWR Radar Systems pioneered the use of solid-state transmitters in weather radar systems with the introduction of the revolutionary E700XD system in 2006. Today, EWR’s solid-state radars are field proven with over 85 systems installed around the world. EWR offers a versatile line of COTS and custom dual-polarization weather radar systems, in X-band or C-band, that are ideal for filling gaps in existing radar networks. Their compact footprint, low infrastructure requirements and easy installation make the system versatile and cost-effective. EWR is the #1 supplier of tactical weather radar systems to the US military.
Leosphere SAS
Tech Park, 6A Rue René Razel, Sacla, 91400, France
Meteomatics AG
Lerchenfeldstrasse 3, St. Gallen, CH 9014, Switzerland
As a specialist weather data provider, Meteomatics focuses on the provision of high-quality, processed meteorological and environmental data to a wide variety of users. The innovative data delivery architecture, the Meteomatics weather API, allows quick and easy access to a wealth of high-quality data achieved by aggregating and enhancing raw weather model data from around the globe. To further enrich observational data through the atmosphere, Meteomatics has designed, developed, built and patented its Meteodrones. These can fly up to 3,000m every 20 minutes while continuously recording temperature, humidity, pressure and wind data.
Micro Pulse LiDAR
Micro Pulse LiDAR, part of Hexagon, develops innovative solutions that deliver a rich source of atmospheric feature information.
LCJ Capteurs
ZA Le Chene Ferre, 29 Allee Des Cinq Continents, Vertou, 44120, France
Since 1999, LCJ Capteurs has manufactured ultrasonic wind sensors and acquired a strong reputation in the field with its expertise in measuring wind ultrasonically. Over 16,000 sensors operating around the world were designed and manufactured by LCJ Capteurs. The company offers a unique wind sensor on the market: yours. The company's R&D office can design sensors matching customer requirements, and following specifications written in collaboration. This customized solution is very useful for integration into autonomous weather stations. It is based on the CV7, meaning ultra-low consumption or self-powered, multiple interface possibilities, lightweight, compact and robust.
Campbell Scientific Ltd
Campbell Park, 80 Hathern Road, Shepshed, LE12 9GX, Lougborough, UK
Campbell Scientific equipment is at the trusted heart of critical systems globally, transforming accurate and reliable measurement data into actionable insights. This data provides a platform for decision makers to make fully informed, safety-critical decisions from positions of confidence across applications including airports and meteorological centers around the world. Other group companies include Corobor and Coastal Environmental Systems.
Everise Technology Ltd
3rd Floor, 17th Block, Ufida Software Park, , No.68 Beiqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100094, China
Everise offers several wind lidar systems uniquely designed for wind resource assessment, aviation wind shear alert, air quality management, weather and climate observations. In addition, Everise produces state-of-the-art remote sensing lidars such as laser aerosol lidars, raman aerosol lidars, ozone lidars, temperature lidars and laser ceilometers for atmospheric observation. Everise also provides traditional AQMS and four-in-one AQ monitors, both of which are EPA-method compliant. Black carbon monitors, OC/EC analyzers and nephelometers can also be sourced from Everise. Integrated with measurement data from various equipment, Everise designs powerful customer-tailored software platforms for different applications.
Vaisala is a global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurement. Building on over 80 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world. We are a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services. Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs approximately 1,850 professionals worldwide and is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. 
ZOGLAB Microsystem Co Ltd
Floor 1 - 2, South Block, Building A, Kunlun Science Park, No. 61 Bai Jia Yuan Road, Hangzhou, 310023, West Lake District , China
Zoglab is a leading instrument manufacturer and system integrator, globally providing advanced meteorological calibration instruments and systems, meteorological observation equipment, environment monitoring instruments, and more. Within the concept of science and innovation, Zoglab provides professional and unique solutions for its customers.
RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 4, Meckenheim, 53340, Germany
RPG Radiometer Physics GmbH is a world-leading technology provider for microwave remote sensing instruments like FMCW cloud radars, radiometers (ground-based and space) and scintillometers. The turnkey systems come with a rich and user-friendly software interface and allow for seamless integration into real-time networks. The data interface is prepared to deliver data formats suitable for operational forecast networks, as well as scientific studies. A sophisticated data level concept ensures compatibility with satellite radiometers. Detailed housekeeping data, and sanity/quality flags are provided. Within the last decade, more than 200 remote sensing instruments have been deployed worldwide in all climate conditions.
Rainwise Inc
18 River Field Rd, Trenton, 04605, ME, USA
RainWise is announcing the world’s first compact, solar-powered, commercial-grade, true IoT MK4 Weather Station that uses most IoT communication options worldwide. The fact that this new weather station features an internal cell modem, an aspirated fan and optional ultrasonic wind sensor without any additional solar panels or batteries makes it a first of its kind. More than 7,000 units have been pre-ordered. RainWise provides professional-grade weather instruments for agriculture, commercial PV solar, industrial, fire weather and storm/flood water applications worldwide. Celebrating 45 years in business, RainWise is an industry pioneer with multiple patents for its leading technologies.
Druck Ltd – GE
Fir Tree Lane Trading Estate, Groby, Leicester, LE6 0FH, UK
Druck stands for excellence in barometric measurement, depth and level measurement, and other pressure sensors, and portable and bench calibration instruments that have been designed to provide peace of mind in the toughest environments.
4930 Research Drive, Huntsville, 35805, AL, USA
Baron delivers critical weather intelligence to organizations globally. Its unique expertise in systems integration allows all weather data inputs and capabilities to be tied together into a seamless, unified network, ensuring more accurate forecasts and more timely weather warnings.
90 Nemco Way, Ayer, 01432, MA, USA
Essco has been a radome leader for over 50 years. The company's acquisition by L3, a Fortune 250 company, provided Essco with the financial stability to fund its continued growth and product development, and gave it access to immense technical expertise and resources. This association has allowed Essco to continue to build on its philosophy of providing the best-performing radomes in the world. The company's commitment to excellence is what has separated Essco from its competition for over half a century and will continue to be Essco's guiding principle as the company moves into the future.
R.M. Young Company
2801 Aero Park Drive, Traverse City, 49686, MI, USA
R.M. Young Company will display the most tested and proven line of anemometers, the Young wind monitor. New products on display will include the ResponseONE weather transmitter and the ResponseONE ultrasonic anemometer. For over 55 years, the company has specialized in the development and manufacture of meteorological instruments for surface meteorological measurements. R.M. Young products have gained acceptance worldwide for applications in meteorology, oceanography, air quality monitoring, agriculture and forestry, fire and emergency response, transportation and power generation.
OTT Hydromet GmbH
Ludwigstr. 16, Kemplen, 87437, Germany
OTT HydroMet delivers valuable insights for experts in water and weather applications. Proudly formed from seven strong brands – OTT, Lufft, Kipp & Zonen, Sutron, Adcon, Hydrolab and MeteoStar – OTT HydroMet offers the combined strength and expertise of leaders in the water quality, quantity, surface weather, solar radiation measurement and telemetry fields, with over 500 years of combined experience. OTT HydroMet provides advanced monitoring solutions and services for scientists, project managers and consultants seeking to protect the world’s resources and lives. OTT HydroMet is part of Danaher Corporation (DHR).
14 rue de la Guadeloupe,
97490 Sainte-Clotilde,
Reunion Island,
Born under the sun of the Indian Ocean, Reuniwatt is a leading actor in cloud and radiation information for renewable energies and atmospheric sciences. Building on constant investments in R&D, Reuniwatt has succeeded in merging atmospheric knowledge and data sciences.