ClimaCell to collaborate with Google Cloud to improve forecasting in developing countries

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ClimaCell, a weather technology company, has announced a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to deliver free access to high fidelity weather forecasting models in geographies that currently lack such services.

Starting in India, ClimaCell’s models will be available to the general public, including developers, scientists and business users alike. The models’ outputs will be made accessible through Google Cloud’s public dataset program.

The ClimaCell Bespoke Atmospheric Model (CBAM) feeds from its proprietary ‘Weather-of-Things’ inputs, which add millions of new observations that have not been previously used for weather forecasting. From wireless signals to car sensors, ClimaCell leverages the connected world to bridge the large sensing gap and to help improve forecasting anywhere in the world.

With CBAM, ClimaCell and Google Cloud will bring high resolution and refresh time to levels exceeding mesoscale models in developed countries. CBAM India will be provided at 2km resolution and 15-minute timestep, and will provide a 48-hour forecast.

Shimon Elkabetz, CEO and co-founder of ClimaCell, said, “For the first time in history, a private company is offering a full-blown operational numerical weather prediction model for an entire country, working continuously and providing high resolution forecasts for up to 48 hours ahead. Not only is it an historical milestone, we are providing it completely free of charge. We invite others to join us in making weather data free and accessible for everyone.”

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