Satellite Vu commissions second satellite to increase climate data collection capabilities

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UK satellite firm Satellite Vu has commissioned a new clone of its original satellite in collaboration with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) to double its thermal data collection capacity.

The deal will see SSTL begin construction on the second of Satellite Vu’s Mid Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) thermal imaging satellites, which will collect thermal data day and night on the natural and built environment at any location on the planet, enabling the measurement of heat signature and heat loss of any building in the world.

The satellites will form a constellation of satellites that will have the capacity to measure the energy efficiency of buildings, alongside fire spread prediction and water pollution, multiple times a day, providing real-time data-driven climate insights.

The contract for the first Satellite Vu satellite was signed in 2021, with SSTL ready for shipment in the first quarter of 2023 for a launch aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9.

The second satellite, which is an exact clone of the first, is expected to be launched in early 2024 in response to market demand for greater capacity and more frequent revisit times.

Anthony Baker, founder and CEO of Satellite Vu, said, “Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, from governments to businesses to consumers, as we collectively recognize the urgency of creating a green and sustainable future for all.

“To create this future, we urgently need verifiable data sets to measure our progress and provide comparable metrics. Therefore, our satellites are set to revolutionize climate change by tackling energy wastage and connecting governments and businesses with the necessary data to reduce their carbon emissions.

“The procurement of another satellite is driven by market demand for more capacity to address urgent customer problems and investor confidence in the team to accelerate the execution of the company business plan.”

Phil Brownnett, managing director of SSTL, said, “I am delighted to sign another contract with Satellite Vu for a second thermal imaging satellite, and look forward to continuing to work closely with Satellite Vu to achieve their business goals.”

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