FMI unveils Yasso model enhancements to improve soil carbon calculations for climate-change applications

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The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has released a series of new extensions for its widely used Yasso model, helping to improve soil carbon calculations for climate change applications.

The FMI is continuously developing the Yasso model together with its partners for use in creating greenhouse gas inventories and future scenarios, and for evaluating the effects of various measures in the land use sector. The new extensions to the Yasso model improve the reliability of the results in the model’s application areas and expand the model’s usage possibilities in scientific research. The new extensions include:

Improved Yasso20 model version

Graphical user interface for Yasso07, Yasso15 and Yasso20 models

Description of the carbon-13 isotope cycle

Effect of mycorrhiza on the soil carbon cycle

Several countries use the Yasso model to calculate soil carbon emissions and sinks in their greenhouse gas inventories. These inventories are essential information sources for climate policy. Yasso is the soil module of the Max Planck Institute’s climate system model and many other calculation systems. Thus, it is used in global climate change scenarios and climate impact assessments of forest and cropland treatment options. Altogether, the Yasso model has been used in about 200 research articles worldwide.

All material of the extensions is freely available on the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website, which can be viewed by clicking here.

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