Leosphere launches Windcube Insights

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Wind lidar instrument provider Leosphere has launched Windcube Insights, offering data analytics for wind turbine performance testing.

Windcube Insights offers transparent data analysis and reporting for Windcube Nacelle customers within a web-based user interface.

The software is the first in the industry to enable uploading both Windcube Nacelle lidar and supervisory control and data acquisition turbine performance data with a simplified data synchronization process.

Alexandre Sauvage, CEO of Leosphere, said, “This new tool empowers operators with International Electrotechnical Commission-compliant (IEC) data to verify that turbines are performing as promised so they can maximize the energy output of their wind farm. The easy-to-use software allows operators to perform power performance testing and suggest operational optimization — quickly, accurately and efficiently.”

The Windcube Nacelle lidar measures wind conditions at hub height ahead of the turbine, enabling operators and wind turbine original equipment manufacturers to assess performance and optimize design and production efficiency.

Sauvage said, “We’ve simplified the process of applying filters, calculating the uncertainties described in recognized IEC standards and displaying data, ultimately creating a simple way to support the utilization of nacelle-mounted lidar following IEC standards and industry best practices.”

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