Vaisala launches enhanced FD70 Forward Scatter Sensor for precipitation

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Weather and environmental measurement specialist Vaisala has launched its improved Forward Scatter Sensor FD70, enabling meteorologists to report on the most challenging visibility, precipitation and present weather conditions.

Purpose built to detect even the lightest precipitation occurrence, FD70 ensures 100% detection of aqueous particles extending to freezing rain and drizzle, and even sand and dust in real time. Rain gauge, disdrometer, visibility, present weather, temperature and humidity sensors are combined for efficiency and simplicity.

Key enhancements to FD70 include:

  • Single-particle analysis: Leveraging its proprietary multi-dimensional approach, FD70 can identify the most challenging precipitation types on a particle-by-particle basis.
  • Accuracy and reliability: The sensitivity of FD70 delivers the most reliable readings and performs as best-in-class based on industry trials, performance analysis, rigorous field testing, and validation by Vaisala scientists in the harshest of conditions.
  • Comprehensive measurement: In addition to its novel detection parameters of freezing rain and drizzle, as well as sand and dust, FD70 reports visibility, precipitation types, precipitation accumulation, temperature, humidity, freezing conditions, droplet size distribution, fall speed distribution, kinetic energy, and radar reflectivity.

Leveraging calibration traceability for accurate visibility data and a measurement range of up to 100km, FD70 can accurately detect the onset and end of precipitation events and other weather conditions. Deployed as a standalone unit or integrated into observation networks, FD70 is engineered to meet WMO SYNOP reporting guidelines for precipitation and obscuration types.

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