Vaisala launches Wx Horizon

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Vaisala Digital has launched its Wx Horizon product to manage the impact of winter weather on ground transportation.

The service from Vaisala’s digital division analyzes and visualizes road data in real time providing decision makers with information to ensure people can travel safely.

Wx Horizon combines input data including mobile observations to improve route-based forecast outputs, using forecasting models providing accurate information on the near-term weather impact on travel.

The data comes from mobile sensors, Internet of Things sensors, road weather information systems and environmental sensor stations using a cloud-hosted interface, providing a clear picture of the state of roads.

Markus Melin, vice president of Vaisala Digital, said, “Combining our industry-leading sensors and world-class forecasting capabilities, Wx Horizon blends selected weather and operational inputs to our unique models to determine when and where weather impacts will occur. By knowing when the storm will occur and the form it will take, agencies can better optimize resources to respond to that event.”

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