Belgrade to get new flood warning system

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Belgrade, capital of Serbia, is due to have its flood warning systems overhauled and modernized. In May 2014, the city suffered substantial flood damage, which spurred authorities, in conjunction with the United Nations Development Program (UNPD), to increase its resilience to natural disaster. Part of the plan to achieve this is the implementation of a flood monitoring and warning system.

Italian firm CAE, in consortium with a Serbian organization, won the tender to supply instrumentation for the project. This will include 34 standalone rain gauge stations (seven of which will be equipped with heated gauges), 22 hydrometric stations and 3 UHF repeaters.

The standalone rain gauge stations will consist of CAE’s PG4i systems, which are equipped with integrated datalogging and 3G modules. Meanwhile, the heated rain gauge stations will be feature the company’s PG2R gauges, which are entirely solar powered.

A centralized software system will be provided for the configuration and maintenance of the network, together with a database, data visualization software and mobile apps that will allow to monitor the progress of the network even “on the go”.

The consortium will also carry out installation, start-up, calibration and testing activities, as well as integration services with existing data belonging to the Hydro-meteorological Service of the Republic of Serbia.

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