The world’s most important meteorological event of the year – opens next week!

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Combining the WMO TECO Conference (10-13 Oct) and the SATCOM Forum with an exhibition featuring 150 leading international technology suppliers and developers, Meteorological Technology World Expo in Paris, France on October 10, 11, 12, 13 is the industry event of the year! Don’t miss out – entry to the show and conferences (the latter on application and approval) is FREE – register for your entry pass, now!

What’s on show

Visitors will find the best new weather, hydromet, metocean and environmental forecasting technologies and services, including climate change and extreme weather monitoring, from over 150 exhibitors from more than 25 countries. From radar to lidar through to the latest AI learning models and fully automated weather observation systems, you can find innovation upon innovation, all in one place for maximum convenience.  See all the latest exhibitor news, here

Exhibitor highlights this year include a remote automated weather observation system from MicroStep-MIS. The IMS4 Camera-based Remote Observer is a system designed to improve AWOS and their ability to observe cloud coverage and prevailing visibility remotely. MicroStep-MIS’s solution comes with interfaces IMS4 AeroVis / AeroCloud. Together with any AWOS system, complete remote meteorological observations are now possible – creating a literal ‘home office’ for meteorological observers.

Following close cooperation with specialists from leading weather forecast companies – especially in the agricultural sector – Rotronic has developed and will display a new generation of humidity meteo probe. According to the company, the advanced high-end HC2A-S3A provides even higher reliability and long-term stability and sets new standards among non-heated temperature and humidity probes for meteorological applications. Highlights include a new Hygromer HM1 sensor design with additional coating and protection; an accuracy of ±0.8 %RH, ±0.1K at 23°C; and a measurement range from 0–100 %RH and -50°C to +80°C. It can also dry up to four times more quickly than other systems after condensation. The probe measures continuously at 60°C dew-point temperature and short-term 80°C dew point, and is optimized for harsh environments with high humidity, wide temperature ranges and polluted air (such as sea salt, agricultural chemicals and dust).

LSI Lastem will display two new weather monitoring systems ideal for real-time heat-stress risk warnings. The company believes that to keep potential thermal stress under control, the traditional practice of short-term monitoring, to provide risk analysis, is no longer sufficient. Instead, the new paradigm for outdoor workers’ health and safety control must be the continuous monitoring of environmental conditions and initiating real-time warning systems as soon as it is necessary to limit exposure and/or metabolic activity. In response, it has developed two new models: a fixed station for continuous measurements, and a portable one for short-medium periods. Both can perform the verification of heat stress conditions while calculating the best-known heat stress indices (WBGT-ISO7243, PHS-ISO7933, Heat Index, Humidex) and defining the limits for each subject, set according to their degree of acclimatization, metabolic activity and clothing. They can also check the distance between the current situation and the defined limit, providing local alarms (activated by electrical outputs) or remote alarms, via SMS, email messages, and data to MQTT brokers.

Vaisala will present its WRS300 weather radar at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2022. This newest addition to Vaisala’s solid-state weather radar family provides high performance and exceptional accuracy in an integrated, low-maintenance package for improved prediction of and preparation for adverse weather. Its features are intended to help reduce the impact of severe weather on vulnerable communities as the climate changes. Combined with Vaisala’s data processing, its new solid-state C-band weather radar excels at delivering high-resolution weather forecasting information that differentiates between snow, hail, sleet, graupel and rain. As a standalone solution, the new C-band offering covers large areas. However, when paired with the X-band radar – which provides unparalleled short-range coverage – decision makers receive the most comprehensive intelligence in the industry.

Darrera will introduce its new range of meteorological data buoys, a product family that has never been seen before at the show. The company’s data buoys are already helping public and private companies of all sizes accurately monitor the weather conditions and water quality in coastal areas, lakes and oceans. The buoys are available in different sizes, with the most compact model having a diameter of 42cm. They can also be customized with a wide range of meteorological and water quality sensors, depending on the needs. Visitors to Darrera’s booth will have the opportunity to see first-hand the company’s 3R SDB050 compact buoy equipped with a multi-parametric water quality probe, solar power system for fully autonomous operation and 4G communication system for remote data transmission to Darrera’s Weathercloud online monitoring platform. The company will also show its 3R AWS standard weather station, which is suitable for general-purpose monitoring in agriculture, roads, airfields and industrial plants, among other areas.

French Quarter

In close collaboration with Prometeo, the non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of French know-how and equipment in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and environment, this year’s show also features a particularly strong line-up of French exhibitors, including leading suppliers such as Cimel Electronique, LCJ Capteurs, Meteomodem and Remtech. See the full list, here.

 TECO and SATCOM conferences

Dedicated TECO and SATCOM conferences – organized through the WMO – provide some of the best networking opportunities of the year. Running from October 10-13 at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, TECO-2022 will once again be held in conjunction with Meteorological Technology World Expo. The theme for this year’s WMO Technical Conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation (TECO-2022) is ‘Sustainable fit-for-purpose measurements – a foundation of the WMO Earth System approach’.

Meanwhile, the SATCOM Forum is designed for scientists who use satellite communications to collect data from remote instruments (such as weather stations, drifting buoys or hydrological gauging stations) to meet satellite network operators and instrumentation manufacturers. It’s a chance to learn about new products and services, and for the networks and manufacturers to learn about the challenges that the scientific community is facing.

Don’t miss out on the show of the year – register now for your free entry pass and visit the website for the full exhibitor list and all the latest information.

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