Airmar’s latest multi-sensor weather station ready for shipping

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Ultrasonic sensor provider Airmar Technology has made its 110WXS and 150WXS WeatherStation Multisensor instruments available and ready to ship worldwide.

Built on Airmar’s preceding WeatherStation products, the 150WXS provides accurate measurements for seven weather parameters including ultrasonic measurement of true and apparent windspeed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, calculated wind chill, and relative humidity.

With a built-in GPS and two-axis compass, the 150WXS provides heading and time stamping functionality, making it suitable for remote mounting of a network of stationary or deployable sensors.

The 110WXS offers the same features as the 150WXS excluding relative humidity, GPS and compass.

Both can be used as standalone instruments or can be integrated into systems designed for weather monitoring over larger geographic areas.

Jennifer Matsis, vice president sales and marketing at Airmar, said, “With the increased data stability delivered from the solar radiation shields on the new 110WXS and 150WXS, users can count on enhanced data integrity in varying environments.”

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