Climavision to provide real-time weather intelligence for Cargill agriculture

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US food giant Cargill has appointed weather intelligence provider Climavision to provide sophisticated weather warnings to help protect the corporation’s agricultural businesses.

Climavision leverages high-resolution radar and satellite data to fill existing coverage gaps and improve the accuracy of weather forecasting. Cargill will use the company’s commodity risk management solution to help determine risk levels to agriculture around the world, including the impact of weather changes and accurately predict upcoming threats, such as large storms, floods or droughts.

Climavision’s proprietary GRO Model for agriculture – credit: Climavision

Chris Goode, co-founder and CEO, Climavision, said, “Traditional commodity weather forecasting has long played a critical role for companies like Cargill, but climate change now demands a higher level of forecasting detail and immediacy. Severe weather events are happening more frequently and require a change in approach in how agricultural companies manage risk. Climavision’s ability to provide highly skilled forecasting models on a real-time basis around the world will enable Cargill to better manage risk in an increasingly volatile weather landscape.”

James Weed, vice president, trading data and analytics lead, Cargill, said, “Climavision’s global modeling capabilities for agriculture were a key factor for Cargill in choosing to partner with them. Their approach to proprietary data and forecasting will play a critical role for Cargill’s agricultural businesses. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Climavision as they continue pushing the bleeding edge of weather technology.”

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