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GAMIC – more than 30 years of experience in weather radar and signal processing

NEW: Exclusive Cooperation of GAMIC and EEC for Radar Systems in Europe. GAMIC and EEC bring their long-term partnership with experience in building large weather radar networks to the next level. Benefit from exclusive offers for weather radar projects in European countries.

GAMIC was established as a company for meteorological signal processing systems. Besides our proven signal processor ENIGMA, GAMIC provides complete X-band Doppler weather radar systems with single or dual polarization, either magnetron or solid-state transmitters. The multifunctional GMWR weather radars are compact and cost-efficient solutions for hydrology, aviation, population and asset protection, agriculture, research, gap-filling, and early warning systems.

ENIGMA is the powerful radar signal processor of GAMIC and the perfect option to get clean meteorological data from every weather radar. Data-quality algorithms improve your radar signal by filtering clutter, multitrip echoes, RF interference, windmill interference, and much more.

GAMIC’s weather surveillance radar, GMWR-25-WS, is the ideal option to generate weather information at a high update rate for airport traffic control and flight security. Additionally, GAMIC’s signal extractor GWSP is designed to augment ASR/ATC radars with a comprehensive weather data output. It uses existing surveillance radar data to detect and report severe weather situations around airports.

GAMIC’s weather radar software suite FROG-MURAN and digital IF processor family ENIGMA make perfect companions for any modern weather radar system.

FROG-MURAN is the GAMIC complete weather radar software suite, comprising tools for any weather radar-related task – control and maintenance, product generation and scheduling, visualization, and much more.

Webview is a lightweight tool for flexible and hardware-independent display of weather radar data in any web browser – desktop or mobile. Webview provides data from single radar sites up to multiradar networks and serves data in real time or archive mode.

With experts in hardware engineering, software development and meteorology, GAMIC offers its broadest portfolio to date. Besides our established weather radar core competence, we are working on various individual radar-related projects and looking forward to working on yours!

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