NOC provides evidence to key UK marine climate-change report

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Scientists from the UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) have made a substantial contribution to the latest report from the UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP), which demonstrates the effects climate change is having on UK seas and coastlines.

MCCIP delivers high-quality evidence on marine climate-change effects and adaptation advice to policy advisors and decision makers. Its reports are divided into three themes: physical environment, ecosystem change and societal impact, with NOC authors contributing across the board.

The reports cover a range of important marine and coastal topics including the impact of climate change on storms and waves in the UK and Ireland, sea temperature, sea-level rise and ocean circulation.

Dr Lucy Bricheno, senior ocean modeler at NOC and lead of storms and waves research in the report, said, “I’m really glad that so many NOC authors can contribute their expertise to these reports; they are a valuable way to get the latest science advice to policymakers. The MCCIP storms and waves report card explains how climate change is impacting storms and sea waves around the UK. The Atlantic storm track is shifting, so that while UK waves are becoming calmer on average, the most extreme storms and associated waves are becoming more intense and more frequent.”

Dr Richard Cornes, marine climatologist at NOC and lead on changes in sea temperature, said, “Evidence presented in the new report indicates a continued rise in sea temperature around the UK. Early results from a new run of climate simulations show a projected increase of 3°C in annual average sea-surface temperature by the end of the century compared to current conditions under the high-emission business-as-usual scenario.”

Other headline findings from NOC contributions include projections of a weakening Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation caused by human-driven climate change and the risks posed by continued sea-level rise.

Key findings will be presented at the upcoming MCCIP ‘rolling evidence’ webinar, on March 10, 2023. To sign up, click here.

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